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NBCP Standards

The nine NBCP bereavement care standards were launched during Baby Loss Awareness Week 2018. They form the basis on which the roll out programme in England is established. 

It is our belief that every NHS trust should ensure the following: 

1. A parent-led bereavement care plan is in place for all families, providing continuity between settings and into any subsequent pregnancies.

2. Bereavement care training is offered to staff who come into contact with bereaved parents, and staff are supported to access this training.

3. All bereaved parents are informed about and, if requested, referred for emotional support and for specialist mental health support when needed.

4. There is a bereavement lead in every healthcare setting where a pregnancy or baby loss may occur.

5. Bereavement rooms are available and accessible in all hospitals.

6. The preferences of all bereaved families are sought and all bereaved parents are offered informed choices about decisions relating to their care and the care of their babies.

7. All bereaved parents are offered opportunities to make memories.

8. A system is in place to clearly signal to all health care professionals and staff that a parent has experienced a bereavement to enable continuity of care.

9. Healthcare staff are provided with, and can access, support and resources to deliver high quality bereavement care. 


NBCP standards