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Milestones reached and materials released

In our latest blog, Marc talks about the importance of high quality bereavement care and how the newly published NBCP guidelines can help healthcare staff in working to high standards.

Implementing bereavement care standards in the community

In our latest blog, Janet writes about the development of the NBCP in the community, and how collaborating with the local Acute Trust has helped to provide a more joined-up approach to bereavement care in the area. She walks through each of the nine NBCP bereavement care standards and gives practical examples of how these have been implemented. 

Why high quality bereavement care standards are so important

Sharon, who is Bereavement Support Group co-ordinator for the Twins Trust (formerly Tamba) and member of the NBCP Training Sub Group, writes about her twin boys who would have turned 21 last year, and how high standards in bereavement care and  support make such a different to bereaved families: 

NBCP Impact Report publication and an important milestone

This week marked a significant milestone for the National Bereavement Care Pathway (NBCP). In signing up to the NBCP, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust became the 69th NHS hospital trust in England to adopt the NBCP. This represents something of a tipping point for the NBCP, because it means that more than 50% of England’s 137 Hospital Trusts are now fully signed up. Between late 2017 and early 2019, 32 hospital trusts piloted the project, with a further 37 signing up.

Maintaining bereavement care standards during COVID-19

As part of our National Bereavement Care Pathway blog posts, Professional Advisor for Education at the Royal College of Midwives, Gail Johnson, talks about the importance of maintaining good standards of bereavement care during this difficult time:

Our 2020 vision for the NBCP

Each year the Christmas and New Year break gives us an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and to look forward with fresh ideas and motivation for the year ahead. 


2019 was certainly a busy year for the NBCP and as chair of the NBCP Core Group I am delighted with the progress we have made. Here are just a few of the highlights: 


Supporting the NBCP in honour of Pippa

My life revolves around my family, my wife Hannah, and our 3 girls. Evelyn, who is 5, and twins Penelope and Pippa. Pippa is my little bird who flies everywhere with me. The twins were born at 30 weeks, on August 15th 2017. They were both super small, weighing just 977g (Penny) and 726g (Pippa).

A day on the Lullaby Trust helpline

This month we welcome Kate Holmes, Support and Information Manager at the Lullaby Trust as our guest blogger. The Lullaby Trust is one of the Core Group partners on the National Bereavement Care Pathway and in particular provide support to those parents who are bereaved through Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant (SUDI), which is one of the five pathways under the NBCP programme. Here Kate describes a day in on the Lullaby Trust Helpline…